About Australian Mists

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Ayshazen Arfur Crown

The Australian Mist may sound like a new breed to some. They have been less than 10 years in Europe and the US, but now have a firm foothold here and growing in popularity fast. However, they have been around for several decades in their native land. Starting in 1977, Dr Truda Straede originally bred them for their suitability as indoor cats, but now the Mists have proved to be so much more. Genetically 1/2 Burmese, 1/4 Abyssinian and 1/4 Australian domestic shorthaired tabby, they are descended from two of the most affectionate breeds on the planet, and hybrid vigour was provided in the form of the domestic. The Burmese provided the laid back nature, the Abyssinian the beautiful ticked tabby markings, furthered by the introduction of the marbled tabbies from the domestics. The base genepool consisted of 30 different cats, contributing to wide genetic diversity within the breed from the very start.

Intelligent, affectionate and outgoing, these are perfect family cats. They interact extremely well with other animals and cat trained children. Many make excellent "retrievers" too, and develop favourite toys which they will bring to you to throw for them - incessantly! They will sleep with you, sit on your shoulders, welcome you home, and are the best cuddle monsters and lap cats! As a disabled person, who spends much of my time in bed, I can testify personally that they make wonderful companions. 

(above) 16 week old Ayshazen Filigreed Florin demonstrates the Australian Mist playfulness, love of people, and retrieving instinct.


As with the Burmese, grooming could not be simpler with the Mists. They have a naturally glossy coat, which is maintained with a healthy balanced diet, correct flea and parasite control, general good health and a daily stroking. Once a week a gentle brush, and a wipe over with a chamois cloth will release any loose hairs, enhance the natural gloss, and provide another opportunity to bond.



As always a healthy balanced diet is essential. Mists are not fussy cats, they will eat almost anything you put in front of them. Personally, I feed mine a mixture of raw, tinned and a good quality biscuit (PLEASE, no Go Cat or cheap biscuits, they are bad news, go for grain-free if possible). As far as raw is concerned, my lot love rabbit, pheasant and day old chicks. You can feed this with bones, so long as they are NOT COOKED, they can eat the bones, which are excellent for their teeth. If  you can get your head around giving day old chicks, that is a household favourite with all of my cats, and nothing is left when they have finished!

Colours & Patterns

Colours: Brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn.

Patterns: Spotted tabby, marbled tabby.


The ancestry of all Australian Mists can be traced back to their foundations. This is an excellent resource for breeding healthy Mists. They breed well and make excellent and devoted mothers. Kittens are lively but not boisterous, and easily handled. Having a diverse genepool has meant a generally healthy breed.

Ayshazen Penny Lane (cinnamon spotted), with her daughter Ayshazen Filigreed Florin (chocolate spotted) and her son Ayshazen Aussie Sovereign (brown marbled).

Showing and Standard of Points.

As well as in Australia, the Mists also have championship status in TICA and GCCF. My cats are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association). Click on the link below to see the TICA standard for the Australian Mists.

Link to TICA AUM Standard Click Here

Ayshazen Aussie Sovereign (brown marble) sleeps peacefully in a child's arms.

Ayshazen Penny Lane (cinnamon spotted)

Ayshazen Sixpenny Bit. Chocolate spotted Australian Mist.

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